// Bass


Willie Samuelson was born in Gary, Indiana around the time that Rock and Roll was starting. He took piano lessons after seeing the "Beatles" but wanted to play the guitar. Upon entering 7th Grade, he started playing upright bass in the Jr High Orchestra and played that through High School. After one year of playing the stand up, he got his first electric bass. Willie played with several rock bands through High School as well as the Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Choir, and Jazz Band. 

His cousins in Springfield, Illinois had a band and they were looking for a bassist. Willie moved there to fill their need. After 2 years with "The Helton Brothers Band", he joined up with Greg and Robert Pasenko. The keyboardist in that band (The Fat Tuesday Band) was  Bobby McFerrin. Bobby taught Willie some valuable lessons regarding groove and time. Bobby left the band and moved to L.A. The band played some large concerts, opening for "Rush", "Leslie West" (Mountain) and "Head East". While Willie was living in Springfield, Adrian Belew moved his family to town. Willie did some jamming with him and Adrian even sat in on drums once (he plays a mean shuffle)

 Willie eventualy met a guitarist name Greg Richards, who convinced him that they should move to Colorado because there were lots of resorts that had bands playing all the time. He moved, along with Greg to Central City, Co where they both played at "The Tollgate Saloon". Two years later they both joined "The Full House Band" and played at all of the ski areas in various clubs. The band played regularly in Steamboat Springs and Willie decided to move there.

He later recorded an album with John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), the band played in Reno, NV with Hayden Nicholas (guitarist and song writer for Clint Black) and Dick Gay (drummer for Clint Black). Willie was asked twice to be Clint Black's bassist but Jake remained with the band. Tania Tucker would sit in with "Whitfield Ward" when she came to Steamboat and got the boys booked on "Hee Haw". They moved to Nashville the summer of 1987. After recording the "Hee Haw Show", things didn't progress for the band. Willie landed a house band gig at "The Aregis Lounge" where David Fontana was the drummer (son of DJ Fontana-drummer for Elvis). DJ came in occasionally and sat in as well as other musicians from Nashville based bands. After about 10 months in that gig, Willie became Tom T Hall's bassist and toured with him for 5 months in 1988. Willie toured the US, Canada, England, Ireland, and played "The Grand Ole Opry" as well as several television shows.

 In September 1988, Willie decided to move back to Steamboat where he immediately joined the "Out of the Blues Band". In 2000, Willie played with Stephanie Davis (song writer) and played a one night gig in Switzerland for the International Country Music Festival in Zurich, as well as a few gigs in Montana.

While playing with Jon Gibbs, the band "Worried Men" was created playing Grateful Dead and Willie Nelson covers. Also during that time they kept playing with Greg until his untimely death in 2009. Willie plays all over Steamboat in several different bands and styles of music, including "Three Peaks Grill" (jazz), the band "Ragweed" (bluegrass), "The Steamboat Christian Center" (Contempory Christian Rock), Me and Ed's Music Machine" (jam rock) Bob Weir sat in with that band," Jay Roemer and Friends" (bluegrass), "Throwdown" (classic rock), and has been music director for four  years for The Arts Council's "Cabaret". Willie will keep playing bass with whoever calls.


// Drums - Percussion


     Cary Kamperschroer is a classically trained music instructor, composer and performer with an emphasis in percussion.  He has performed and taught a wide variety of genres internationally, with a passion for percussion ensembles and steel drum bands.  Cary has conducted and performed in many Western settings including percussion ensembles, orchestras, steel drum bands, rock bands, pep bands and marching bands all around the United States.  

     Over a decade ago, Cary became interested in African drumming, focusing on djembe, dununs and balafon.  He sought out "master" African musicians from Guinea, Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Congo and Zimbabwe to give him more knowledge about this music.  He played regularly for African dance classes while attending numerous African drum and dance camps to play with the best.  His latest endeavors include visits to Guinea, West Africa on two separate occasions to study the music of the Susu people, and their ancestors, in depth.  These experiences continue to inspire him to nurture his lifelong quest, and love, for understanding rhythm on a deeper level.

     Cary has studied the influence of African music in Latin America.  He has performed with Salsa/Afro-Cuban bands in the U.S. and Mexico.  You can hear these influences in his "time feel" and style of rhythms.  These endeavors have sparked his curiosity for any eccentric, different, weird, etc. music he can get his hands on around the world.  

     Cary enjoys the creative side of music and has written over 50 original compositions.  Cary's extensive music career encompasses over 30 years of playing and 20 years of teaching experience.  "Create, learn, pass it on!" 


// Vocals


Solange  was born in Havana Cuba to a French father and Cuban mother. At the age of 3 her family moved to France and started dancing at 5. She studied ballet at the Geneva Conservatory of Music in Switzerland which years later led her to winning two Gold medals at the Swiss Nationals. After leaving for New York City and completing her studies at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, talent agencies brought her to London.  A rainy day and her new suede jacket combined to land the opportunity of her life (thus far).  Solange became a dancer and back up singer on Tina Turner 24/7 Tour in 2000. This then led her to dancing and singing on other tours most notably with Cher, Destiny's Child, and a second world tour with Tina Turner. Those tours included all press and TV promotions with apperences on: Oprah Winfrey,  Super Bowl XXXIV, The Grammys, the American Music Awards, Jay Leno, Ally McBeal, Ellen DeGeneres, The View, The Today show and many others. 

Throughout that time Solange was still performing with her own bands KayCeeDee and Time Machine.

Then, in a surpise turn of events in 2008,  Solange found love while on Tina Turner's last tour which has landed her in Steamboat Springs. Now, with a husband, a daughter and even a dog! Solange is still persuing her passion and showcasing her talent by performing with Small Town World.


// Guitar


Randy started drums at age 10, bass guitar, singing, and guitar at 16, fiddle and mandolin at age 20. He has a B.A. in Geology, from C.U. Boulder. He studied jazz guitar with Dale Bruning in Denver CO; and studied Scottish and Irish fiddle in Scotland. 

Most recently he studied the Suzuki Method and was certified as a Suzuki guitar teacher for children in June 2004. 


Randy has played guitar, fiddle and mandolin on recordings with the Blitz Girls, Bonnie Carol, Jim Carrick, Nancy Cook, Kellis Etheridge, Bonnie Phipps, Greg Scott, Smokehouse, the Worried Men and Sundog, for which he has also done arrangement, production and songwriting. 

He has toured in the US and internationally with Sundog, Bonnie Phipps and the Elastic Band, Jed Clampit, and the Blitz Girls.

Concerts include playing at Farm Aid VII as a guest of Willie Nelson at the Louisiana Superdome for an audience of 30 thousand and has been in opening acts for John Hiatt, Asleep at the Wheel, The Wild Jimbos, Shadowfax, and Rare Silk.